The Truth About Lipodissolve Fat Removal Technique

The Truth About Lipodissolve Fat Removal Technique

Many fitness buffs want to try lipodissolve because it doesn’t involve a surgical procedure. They also consider it to be less invasive in dissolving cellulite and stored fats when compared to liposuction.

The procedure is comprises a series of injections using a soybean derivative called phosphatidylcholine (PC) and an emulsifier called deoxycholate (DC). These substances are injected directly into the fatty tissues that the patient wants to remove.

Lipodissolve, which is also known as PCDC, is one of the faster, more convenient fat-melting techniques that can be administered in a matter of minutes. Its convenience and ability to deliver fast and permanent results have made this technique a popular fat-melting solution among fitness and beauty enthusiasts.

How is Lipodissolve Administered?

The first step of the procedure involves the application of a numbing cream on the problem area. When the cream takes effect, the cosmetic surgeon administers a series of micro-injections of the fat burning chemical that induces the body to break down and excrete the targeted fat.

Are there any Hitches with PCDC Use?

PCDC is often promoted in the market as a natural compound because its main component, phosphatidylcholine, is a natural substance found in the cells of humans and other living organisms. Deoxycholate is also a natural bile salt that the liver produces. This chemical works to make the PC soluble.

Despite these facts, the FDA has not approved the PCDC compound as a fat dissolver and classifies it as a drug simply because it affects the structure and normal function of the body. However, the FDA has not banned the use of these compounds but issues a warning about their use as a “buyer-beware situation.”

Lipodissolve and the use of phosphatidylcholine had been practiced since 1988, but it has just been introduced lately in the United States. The American Society of Non-surgical Aesthetics estimates the number of lipodissolve treatments performed in the United States and Europe to be between 50,000 and 100,000.

Are there any Known Drawbacks of the Procedure?

Like other plastic surgery procedures, PCDC cannot guarantee 100 percent satisfaction – even if it’s quick and less evasive. But basing on the number of procedures undertaken, it is very clear that many are interested to take it in the name of thinness and convenience.

The cost of PCDC treatment may run between $900 and $2,500, but many are still willing to pay the price because it works to quickly dissolve unwanted inches on targeted areas. A lot of people who tried it also claimed that they saw that lipodissolve was able to deliver its promise of taking away inches of fat from their problem areas.

Source by Pamela G Cobb