Losing Belly Fat: The Quickest Way

Losing Belly Fat: The Quickest Way

Everyone wants to know the quickest and easiest way to lose those ugly fat deposits that makes them look like “Penguin”–Batman’s die-hard nemesis.

Starving, spot reduction, diet pills, surgeries are some of the methods erroneously thought to be the quickest way to lose belly fat. In fact, people risk their health as they continue applying these methods to take away the excess fats accumulated in the belly. Both men and women approaching middle age gain belly fat either because of hormonal changes, age related-weight gain, lack of exercise and stress. Gaining belly fat can cause different health problems including different cardiovascular diseases, type 2 Diabetes and certain cancer. The good news is these fat deposits can be eliminated naturally. However, one should accept that there is no overnight miracle to do this but simple hard work and patience will help anyone achieve this.

The sure way to lose fat is by engaging yourself in a regular exercise routine. Not just by doing 100 sit ups or crunches will help you lose the fat but regular cardiovascular routine will certainly break down fatty deposits in your body that will allow you to lose weight. As your body continuously moves, it burns down calories that cause you to store fats. Make sure that you choose a regimen that you enjoy. Otherwise, you will not be motivated to continue once you feel bored. You can either go into playing lawn tennis, volleyball, cycling, jogging or even brisk walking. Some prefers enrolling in a gym for aerobics and dancing. After a 30 minute cardio exercise, you can do some weight lifts, weight tilts and abdominal hollowing. Try to do this exercise everyday if you can. In a couple of months you will notice a big change in your belly fat.

While doing your exercise routine, you can hasten the loss of belly fat by changing your food intake. This does not mean you have to skip meals or starve yourself when you are hungry. What you will get with this method is gastrointestinal disease like peptic ulcer. A good diet means a change into a healthy lifestyle. Other than avoiding junk food, processed food and high cholesterol, sugar and fatty food, you should have a diet that include fruits, vegetable, beans, soya, oat and bran, olive oil, fish oil and lean meat. Instead of soda pop and beer, drink more water, lemon juice or green tea. Water is in fact, a very important factor that will help you lose body fat because it flushes out all toxins and helps the liver to break down fats instead of storing it in our body.

The road to losing belly fat is not easy. In fact, you need to be patient and motivated to achieve this. With these two sure-fire methods, you can be sure that you will lose weight and keep those fats away. Good news is YOU can do it!

Source by Charlene Sampilo