How to lose your belly fat- give up the mythoi and adopt the scientific approaches

How to lose your belly fat- give up the mythoi and adopt the scientific approaches

lose your belly fat

If you’re looking for information on how to lose your belly fat, you should keep one thing in your mind that weight-loss is not something, which one can obtain over night. Innumerous people claim that you can lose your belly fat within in a defined no. of days and this defined no. ranges from one week to 10 days. Trust me people; it’s not a game to lose your belly fat. Miracles don’t happen in the field of weight loss and one needs to do proper workouts along with a balanced diet to lose belly fat.  There may be rare cases when one loses belly fat with help of magic pills etc but it doesn’t take time to put on the same amount of weight. Therefore, you should be very careful while you pick some method to lose your belly fat.


Following are some tips, which would help you to lose your belly fat slowly but steadily.

Start to intake monounsaturated diets. It will surely help you to lose Stomach fat. As per the latest scientific researches, monounsaturated diets work more to reduce fat from one’s body as compared to carbohydrate diets. What are the best sources of monounsaturated diets? I would recommend you to go with Olive Oil, Olives and nuts etc. Include all these in your diet and lose your belly fat simply and easily.

What to avoid if to intake monounsaturated diets? One, who is looking to lose tummy fat, should not eat hamburgers, cheeseburgers, popcorn, meats and margarine etc. The reason is that all these eatables contain trans fats, which result in the increase of adipose tissue.

Keeping an eye on your diet is quite important. It doesn’t matter how many crunches or sit-ups you do everything if you don’t intake a balanced diet. Since long time, your body has been reserving fat, means it’s burning all amount of fat which you intake on everyday basis. This is what causes obesity and if you’re now thinking to lose your belly fat, you first need to get rid of the reserved fat. How can one do so? Start to lower your fat intake on daily basis and your body will have to take help from the previously reserved fat.

Also, you need to raise metabolism to lose your belly fat. Doing just exercise is not enough, the point to take care of is whether you’re doing the right exercise or just throwing the arrow in the air aimlessly.  The ideal exercise to lose your belly fat is the one, which your all muscle groups get involved in. The best exercises to lose your belly fat are cycling, jogging, skating, playing games and walking.

The point which most of the fat loss seekers forget to consider is that in order to lose your belly fat, you need to lose over-all body fat. Hence, one should adopt the exercises, which reduce fat from body. Once you start to lose fat from body, you will simply and simultaneously lose fat from your belly.