How To Get Rid of Belly Fats – Steps to Remove That Excess Belly Fat

How To Get Rid of Belly Fats - Steps to Remove That Excess Belly Fat


There are several attempts made by men and women to try to get rid of their belly fats. However, they often fail. The problem usually is because their efforts were insufficient and ineffective. Most of them got tired and stopped working towards their goal.

Having a belly is a very common thing among men because they are known to consume a lot of beer. This actually poses a lot of problems to them. However, women are also considered beer-drinkers, albeit not as much like men. In the beginning, when you observe small belly fats developing in your body, you usually will not feel worried. However, when you observe that they are getting bigger each time after you have a beer-drinking session with friends, you feel the need to get rid of them.

No one wants to have a belly caused by drinking beer, and surely, you would hate it if you have it. Some people do not want to be bullied by friends, and some would not want to have that movable tummy exposed to anyone. However, those two reasons are not enough. People should avoid having a belly because of the health risks attached to it. Heart disease, diabetes (increase in blood sugar), increased risk of breast cancer, fatty liver, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels can happen. So when you think your belly is as big as pregnant women’s, rest assured, you are surely in danger.

This article will help you find helpful tips to get rid of your belly. When you drink too much beer, your pants get tighter, and you feel the need to buy stretchable pants instead. Are you not tired of covering up your fats? Get ready to exchange your belly fats to a real six pack abs.

It is also important to consult with your doctor first before proceeding to the next big step in reducing belly fats. It is healthy to check your liver enzymes and liver in general whether it increases or if the liver inflames. It must be checked if liver enzymes increase or you have a fatty liver especially if you know you are an excessive beer drinker. Your blood pressure and sugar levels should also be checked for any significant increases. Once you are done seeking professional help and you are cleared for the next step, it is time to commit yourself with beer restrictions, diet plans and strict exercises.

Beer intake control

The biggest problem with beer is that it has high caloric and sugar content and has almost no nutritional value. So, the first thing you need to do is to get rid of that large size of beer you have been drinking regularly. If you can’t, limit your intake to at most two cups per day. With a small intake of beer, it is known to be better for the heart.

What should not be eaten?

Beer is not the only reason for causing belly fats; try to look at what you are eating. Reduce the amount of processed foods you normally take. Avoid bread, pasta, hot dogs, junk foods, and canned goods. Avoid foods with high levels of sugar such as chocolates, candy bars, cookies, and cake. If your intuition tells you that those foods are not good for you, then it might be better not to take them.

What to eat?

Try to have a low fat, low calorie, low sugar, low carbohydrate and high protein diet. Eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meat. Try to eat more brown rice as it has a low caloric content than white. Try to eat 5 smaller meals a day to increase metabolism and fat burning process by the body.


A diet without exercise is useless. It is good to engage yourself in exercises daily. Try to start a cardio training such as brisk walking, jogging, tread milling, and swimming. Once you have more stamina, increase the intensity. You can try enrolling in a gym. Have a total body workout and give special attention to abdominal exercises such as reversed crunching, vertical crunches, etc. Also do aerobics and belly dancing (for ladies). Go to the gym at least 5 times weekly and resting on weekends. Make sure to increase the intensity of the workout when your body is stronger. Challenge yourself to more fat-burning and cardio training programmes.

If you really want to get rid of that belly caused by drinking beer, take these above-mentioned steps. Lessen your beer intake, have a diet plan, and comply with a strict and rigid exercise as much as possible. Continue to challenge yourself each and every day. Have positive thoughts and the commitment to do it and you will see that you have achieved the best outcome. Say goodbye to your belly fats, and say hello to a sexy tummy.


Source by Stepfanie Wayne