How To Flatten Your Stomach Fast – 3 Massive Exercises

If you want to know how to flatten your stomach, you’ve come to the right webpage, for here I’ll describe 3 massive exercises to flatten your stomach which are far more effective than the endless crunches and sit-ups that 99% of people who go to gyms do. If you’re frustrated about your stomach and want to get it leaner, these exercises can give you a very good push in that direction.

3 exercises to flatten your stomach:

If you want to flatten your stomach, check out these 3 massive exercises. If you're frustrated about your stomach and want to get it leaner, these exercises can give you a very good push in that direction.

1. The Plank

This is a static abs exercise which does a lot in a little time. Clasp both hands together and lay your arms on the floor so your elbows and clasped hands create a V shape on the floor. Now, extend your legs straight behind you until you’re on tip toe and balance yourself on you arms. Make sure your back is straight and your head is in the air over your clasped hands.

All you need to do now is hold your stomach in while breathing normally. I guarantee that in about 30 seconds, the strain in your abdominals will be very hard. If you can handle this position for a full minute, that would be impressive. Do 3-5 repetitions of this exercise and you’ll be closer to a flat stomach.

2. The couple’s leg thrust

For this exercise, you’ll need a partner. Starting position: lie on a mat with both hands palm down by your hips. Your partner should stand above you so his/her feet are at both sides of your head. Now raise your legs straight up until your partner can grab them with ease.

Now your partner is going to push both of your legs hard to the floor, and you need to break their fall with your abs and to thrust them straight up to your partner’s waiting hand. He or she will then thrust your legs again and so on. Make sure to stop your legs at a 30-45 degree angle above the floor so you won’t arch your back. Believe me, this exercise alone is worth a few hundred sit-ups.

3. Diagonal crunches

This is an exercise which mainly works the oblique abdominals, and is also an excellent exercise to flatten your stomach. Lie on the floor with your hands at both sides of your head and your knees bent at 90 degrees. Raise your torso by crunching your abs diagonally and bringing your right elbow towards your left knee. Hold that position for 2-3 seconds, lower yourself back and change sides. The obliques are very important in order to get a perfect flat stomach.

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