Herbal Remedies For Leukemia – How Can They Help?

Herbal Remedies For Leukemia – How Can They Help?

Leukemia is a blood disorder that affects a surprisingly large number of people. The death rate of this disease is alarming and it causes people to turn to other treatments that science can provide. Herbal remedies for leukemia has been given consideration as an alternative treatment.

What is leukemia?

Leukemia is another type of cancer that begins in the blood cells. For people suffering from leukemia, their bone marrows generate abnormal white blood cells. These are called the leukemia cells.

During the first stage of this disease, the leukemia cells may look like they are functioning normally. But after some time, they begin to out populate the normal white blood cells and also the red blood cells of our body. This is the reason why the blood can not function correctly.

Cause of Leukemia

The exact cause of leukemia still remains a mystery. Experts can not explain why this disease sprouts in random people. However, due to intensive studies, they have found some factors that may put you at risk of leukemia. Here are some of them:

1. Exposure to high level radiation

Those people who are regularly exposed to a high level of radiation have a high chance of developing leukemia.

2. Exposure to certain chemicals

Exposure to chemicals, such as Benzene can put you at a risk of developing leukemia. Another chemical that may cause considering damage to your cells is formaldehyde.

3. Chemotherapy

This may seem crazy since chemotherapy is used to treat cancer patients. However, there are some studies conducted that people fighting from a different type of cancer can later develop leukemia because of their frequent chemotherapy sessions.

4. Down Syndrome

People with Down syndrome have a higher risk of developing leukemia because of their abnormal chromosomes.


The first line of treatment that people with Leukemia would most likely utilize is chemotherapy. However, chemotherapy can also inflict your immune system and can leave you defenseless against other viral infections and other complications.

Patients undergoing chemotherapy are all physically absent after every session. Chemotherapy also causes these patients to lose hair. This is why many have also turned to herbal remedies for leukemia.

These herbal remedies for leukemia have helped many a number of leukemia sufferers:

1. The nutrients found in garlic can protect our body from infections. Since chemotherapy can lower your immune system, Garlic can aid that problem.

2. You can also concoct an herbal tea out of stinging nettle, elder blossoms, brooklime herb and dandelion to help your body gain back its strength and normalize its primary functions.

It is also important for a leukemia sufferer to have a balanced diet and regular exercise to support their body in the fight against cancer cells.

Along with these, they can also take an herbal remedy that can help promote unhealthy cells. A product called Bio-Oxidate Defense can help a lot.

This product can support healthy cells in our body and can help the body fight the effects of bad cells. Bio-Oxidate Defense can also up your immune system so you will not be defenseless against other diseases.

This product is 100% safe to use because it uses natural herbal ingredients such as Green Tea, Rooibos and Grape seed extract which are a very helpful combination in supporting the body and help healthy cell growth.

When it comes to the battle against Leukemia, every help is needed. Herbal remedies for leukemia and a product like Bio-Oxidate Defense is just what you need to help you in this fight.

Source by Kate Allen