What is Cellulite and How to Get Rid of It

What is Cellulite?

Look in the mirror. Go ahead, we’ll wait. If you are brave enough to turn around and look at your backside, you might see the lumpy fat that rather closely resembles cottage cheese. These lumps and bumps are known as cellulite, and removing cellulite is complex at best.

Cellulite appears as lumpy fat under the skin, but in truth the fat is not lumpy, it simply appears that way due to the way the fat collections push against connective tissues beneath the surface of skin. This makes it appear puckered, dimpled and decidedly unattractive.

How Did I Get Cellulite?

There is nothing you can do to prevent cellulite from appearing as fat appears on your body. In fact, even when your skin is young and smooth, you can pinch it gently and see how the tissues are revealed. When skin is pinched, most women can easily see the bumpy cellulite simply waiting to appear.
While cellulite is most commonly associated with women and girls, it can affect men as well. And it not completely reserved to those that are overweight. Women’s bodies are most often close to thirty or forty percent fat at a healthy, fit weight making it likely cellulite is present in every age and weight bracket.
The likelihood of cellulite appearing on your body does change with certain conditions, however.

• Your age – Cellulite is more likely to appear as you grow older and your skin is no longer in its prime condition.
• Your genes – Some girls are lucky to escape cellulite at any weight, but we can hope that they all get stretchmarks instead.
• Your gender – Men are simply less likely to have cellulite than women.
• Your body fat – Cellulite is the way fat appears under the skin. The greater the amount of fat present on your body, the more likely it is that you have visible cellulite.
• Your skin – Some people are blessed with a thick skin – literally. The thicker your skin, the less likely bulges and bumps will show through.

Getting Rid of Cellulite

There are only a handful of known treatments for cellulite, and many that are rumored to be successful are less than authentic when it comes down to actual results.
• Liposuction does remove fat, but primarily deep fatty deposits – not the fat directly under the skin.
• Losing weight and toning muscles can help reduce cellulite by reducing the amount of body fat you carry
• Massage can make your skin more swollen reducing the appearance of cellulite for a limited time.
• Injections can reduce the appearance of cellulite temporarily in small areas.
• Skin firming creams can tighten the skin and give your body more smoothness, hiding cellulite.
• Tanning products can give your skin a dark tone helping to hide the appearance of cellulite.

Cellulite is a challenge, but armed with a healthy diet, exercise and proven products, you can work to change the appearance of cellulite and potentially eliminate it completely.