3 Ways to Flatten Your Stomach and Burn That Ugly Belly Fat That Covers Your Abs

If you want to flatten your stomach you’ve probably read a lot of books on the subject and maybe even have tried a lot of different diets to burn fat. Problem is most of these books and diets have it all wrong, they are too strict, are only temporary and therefore you always fail because it’s almost impossible to stay with these diets for the long run.

The reason for diets that proclaim that you must starve yourself not working 95% of the time is that your body is too smart, it’s defense mechanisms kick in to prevent starvation and you end up as fat or fatter that when you started out. Now let’s see some real tips to flatten your stomach properly and keep those dreaded love handles from showing again.

Flatten your stomach fast with these powerful and practical strategies. If applied correctly these methods will help you burn belly fat by the first week and beyond, allowing you to finally get that body you've always craved.

Count those calories! – I know what you must be thinking, “counting calories, what a drag!” but to flatten your stomach quite simply you have to know how many calories per day you’re eating so you don’t end up eating more than your daily calorie allowance.

If you eat more than said calorie allowance you’ll gain fat, so get in the habit of counting your calories and eat a little less of what your calorie allowance states and you’ll start burning those ugly pounds of fat. Counting calories will soon become second nature to you and when the fat starts dropping you’ll be thankful you picked up this healthy habit.

Perform some kind of aerobic activity – This is absolutely crucial if you want to flatten your stomach, and it can speed up the process tremendously. In fact, if you obey the rule of your calorie allowance eating slightly less than what it allows and combine it with an aerobic exercise like running, swimming or cycling, just examples, you will start shedding pounds of fat every week like clockwork.

Be sure to perform your favorite physical activity with some degree of intensity, that way your body will work harder, your metabolic rate will go into overdrive allowing you to burn more fat and you will be able to flatten your stomach very quickly.

Choose foods that burn fat- There are certain foods that actually help you to burn belly fat very fast, these three are just an example, I bet from now on you’ll call them your best friends:

1. Brown Rice – Preferably steamed or boiled, this should be a staple in your pantry all year long, obviously try to avoid fried rice and any other type of rice with added fat or calories.

2. Whole wheat and whole grain products – These are great for burning fat, just try to avoid white bread and anything made of white flour.

3. Fish and Shellfish – Try to broil, grill or bake your fish, and never eat it fried. They’re high in good Omega 3 fatty acids and are great to add variety if eating chicken and vegetables all the time is getting you a little bored. These three foods are fantastic to burn belly fat and flatten your stomach in no time flat.

Here you have 3 excellent ways to start your new healthier and active lifestyle. With them you’ll start to burn belly fat and see results even by the first week, but you must obey, have discipline and a lot of dedication. If you do this you’ll continue burning 1-2 pounds of belly fat every week after, just get out there and start with this plan to get in better shape, you have nothing to lose and everything to win.

Just imagine yourself 6 months from now with the body you always wanted, the body you deserve, and the energy to do all the things you want to do, you really can do it! Cheers to your good health and success, good luck!

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